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Becoming a Public Company

Singer Capital Markets were delighted to host our latest IPO Dinner Event “Becoming a Public Company” for ambitious UK growth companies looking to take on the next stage of their corporate growth journey.

The event featured insights from professionals at different spectrums of the IPO journey, all whom shared valuable insights and key learnings for the companies in the room.

The event featured presentations from Paul Stevens, Head of Quoted at BGF, who shared key learnings on what companies should expect when going from Private to Public and what investors are looking for. This was followed by some fascinating updates from Neil Shah, Head of Tech, Primary Markets, at the London Stock Exchange. Neil explored key themes around what makes London an attractive market for IPOs and why this is a valuable financing solution for ambitious private companies. Following Neil’s presentation, Richard Staveley, Lead Fund Manager at Rockwood Strategic, explored the data behind the UK stock market cycle and why now is as good a time as ever to explore an IPO.

Later on in the evening, Tom Salvesen, Head of Investment Banking at Singer Capital Markets and Steve Pearce, Chief Executive Officer at Singer Capital Markets, chaired a group discussion which allowed the private company CEOs and Founders to ask questions and explore key learnings from those who had been through the process before, including insights from Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer at Microlise and Jay Patel, VP and GM at Cisco and ex-Chief Executive Officer at ImIMobile (which was acquired by Cisco).

Thank you to our friends at BGF, Rockwood Strategic, London Stock Exchange, Octopus Investments, Microlise and Cisco for your valuable insights in making the event a success, and to the private company Founders, CEOs and CFOs who attended the evening.

If you’re an ambitious UK growth company interested in an IPO or would like more insights around your financing options, please do not hesitate to contact our team for more information and support.

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