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Mission Statement

In response to the introduction of MiFID II in 2018, Singer Capital Markets aim to :


Provide our institutional clients with access to our dealing platform with appropriate levels of service


Charge in an appropriate and transparent way with integrity always at the fore


Be known for our market-leading expertise and high-quality research product

What is MiFID II?

The EU legislative framework, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II), came into effect on 3 January 2018, superseding MiFID (November 2007). MiFID II is relevant for Singer Capital Markets as we provide services to clients in relation to financial instruments; its aim is to strengthen investor protection and improve the functioning of financial markets making them more efficient, resilient and transparent.

MiFID II brought new requirements, in order to meet this aim, which included:

In what capacity does SCM operate?

Singer Capital Markets is an investment firm offering execution services as a broker and market maker.


1. Research

Singer Capital Markets is committed to providing insightful and thought provoking research to our clients. We charge for research-related services, which enables the buy side to clearly see the amounts paid in relation to these services.

Should you wish to receive Singer Capital Markets’ research products, please contact Research Entitlement

2. Is Singer Capital Markets a Systematic Internaliser (SI)?

No – Singer Capital Markets is a registered market maker on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) where we make quotes publicly available by publishing two way prices and provide liquidity.

Singer Capital Markets executes on own account, and our UK equity trading is trade reported to the LSE. As a result, these trades are on venue trades, abiding by the rules and systems of the Exchange.

3. Best Execution 

Singer Capital Markets provides best execution to clients in line with our Order Execution Policy.

Per the requirements of RTS 28; related disclosures are available publicly here.

What is SCM’s LEI number?


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Sarah-Rose Perry

Head of Compliance

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