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Cross Sector Report – Responding to fears over Inflation and Growth

It is now clear that inflation is far from the transitory issue many had anticipated this time last year and it is very much a global challenge. Whilst the prospect of double digit inflation was the original catalyst for this cross-sector report, the past fortnight has seen the market’s focus turn squarely to the outlook for global growth and the prospect of recession.

Stocks mentioned in the report include:

Bango (BGO), Boku (BOKU), NIOX (NIOX), Downing Renewables (DORE), Foresight Group Holdings (FSG), Instem (INS), Nichols (NICL), PRS REIT (PRSR), Restore (RST), Smart Metering Systems (SMS) and Volex (VLX)

If you are a professional investor and would like to enquire about receiving the Cross Sector Report, please get in touch by following the link below. Please note, MiFID II restrictions may apply.

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