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Our objective

Our goal at Singers is to contribute on all fronts of society. We are a business with a great team of active givers both with our time and financial investment. However, we have now reached a certain scale where we can start contributing more and with greater impact. We strongly believe that helping and changing our world should be tackled collegiately with both actions and investment, which forms the basis of our initiatives.

Enviromental Sustainability

A commitment to reducing waste, being more eco-friendly as an office and a strong focus in supporting businesses in sustainable industries.

Wellbeing & Equal Opportunity

A commitment to ensuring our staff have a good and sustainable work/life balance and have access to equal opportunity. We measure by output, not input.

Singer Social Impact Fund

A commitment to improving the impact to our local community by providing more meaningful and impactful financial investment – funded 100% by staff profit share contributions, raising over £365k since launching in 2021.

About our partnership with Greenhouse Sports

Singer Capital Markets funds a 3 year basketball programme

Greenhouse Sports uses sports coaching and mentoring to empower young people who are facing disadvantage and help them unlock their full potential. The charity partners with schools in high areas of deprivation, placing full-time coaches and mentors into the school environment to deliver programmes when the young people are most vulnerable to the likes of neglect, antisocial behaviour and crime.

About our partnership with IntoUniversity

Singer Capital Markets partners with the educational charity

Since 2019, Singer Capital Markets has partnered with IntoUniversity – a growing educational charity working to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The initiative was created to address the issue of children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are “nearly four times less likely to go to university than those in the most advantaged areas.”

Proudly supporting Chelsea FC Women as their first ever and only exclusive partner

Singer Capital Markets is delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with Chelsea FC Women – one of the world’s most impressive and successful groups of sportswomen. As the first-ever and only exclusive partner of the women’s team, our three year partnership is a signal of our commitment to championing the success of this impressive and talented group of women.

Proudly working with and supporting…

For more information about Singer Social Impact, our partnerships or any other related information, please contact our Singer Social Impact Committee.