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Can Goldilocks Outrun the Bears…

…with a little help from interest rate adrenaline?

The Outlook for Financial Markets in 2024

Written by Jamie Constable, Market Strategist at Singer Capital Markets

Jamie Constable, Market Strategist at Singer Capital Markets, looks back on the year in this latest report whilst providing an outlook on markets in 2024.

In this report, Jamie recalls the narrative of our equity markets report from the summer to see if the year has played out as expected, while also making some forecasts for 2024 powered by considered analysis of economic data, structural themes and company valuations. Key topics covered include:

Inflation – What does this mean for growth and interest rates?

Financial Markets – Where is the value in the UK equity market?

Elections – ” The Year of the Election” – how will this impact markets?

… and much more!

This report will take approximately 15 minutes to read

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Jamie Constable

Market Strategist & Equity Sales