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Jamie Constable’s Monthly Macro Update – February 2022

Jamie Constable, Market Strategist at Singer Capital Markets is pleased to deliver his ‘Monthly Macro Update’ for February in partnership with Paul Hill at Vox Markets.

In this latest interview, Jamie takes Paul through what’s currently happening in the markets.

Find out from Jamie about:

Outlook for Equities 0:00
How to interpret today’s flattening yield curve 02:00
Will there be a recession in H2 2022? 03:50
When will CPI inflation drop back to the 2% target level? 06:20
How high are the UK interest rates likely to reach? 08:40
Will Russia invade Ukraine? 11:40
How best to position one’s portfolio? 14:45
What happened to Studio Retail Limited? 15:20
Where to go bargain hunting amid the carnage? 18:10
Will small/midcap stocks be higher or lower in 1 month’s time? 25:30

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