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Transforming Pharmaceutical R&D: A Primer on Emerging Pharmatech

We are delighted to share our latest Singer Growth Economy Report on AI-enabled Drug Discovery under the Singer Growth Economy theme ‘Health & Wellbeing of the Population’, which focuses specifically on the growth driver ‘Efficiency through the Cycle, from Discovery to Consumer’.

In this latest report, we cover the evolution and application of AI in drug discovery, explore the industry landscape worldwide (incl. the global market & geographical presence), as well as examining the UK-based players both in the public and private space. Companies covered in this report include: Benevolent AI, Exscientia AI, LungLife AI, e-Therapeutics, Renalytix, C4X Discovery, Poolbeg Pharma and Spectral MD Holding.

What is The Singer Growth Economy?

In these uncertain times it has never been more important for us to nurture and support growth companies. Our economy must recoup the considerable costs of recent crises and our firm belief is that this can only be achieved by stimulating productivity in our great nation’s innovators, disrupters and challengers.

The Singer Growth Economy highlights opportunities across four overarching themes; Health & Wellbeing of the Population, Transition to a Sustainable Economy, Innovation & Emerging Technologies and Geopolitics & Demographics. Within these themes we have identified what we believe to be the most powerful growth drivers shaping the future of our economy, playing out not over months, or even years, but over decades.

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Karl Keegan

Deputy Head of Research, Life Sciences