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Following the latest FTSE Index Review (published 3 June 2020), Singer Capital Markets are delighted to announce the promotion of 5 of our Corporate Clients, who have been included in the following indices:

We are delighted for all 5 of our clients as they continue to demonstrate their strength and resilience in their respective industries, despite the uncertain backdrop which has dominated markets in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

John Ions, Chief Executive Officer at Liontrust Asset Management, commented:

“This is a significant milestone for Liontrust, reflecting the hard work of everyone over the past 10 years and the focus that the business has been able to maintain. The success is a testament to the talent we have across the company. This includes excellent investment performance we have been able to deliver for our clients, the power of our brand, the strong sales and marketing capability and our robust administration.

It is also a reflection of the support and loyalty we have received from our clients and investors. Moving into the FTSE 250 is an important development because it shows clients the financial strength and momentum of Liontrust. This gives us further impetus in attracting talent and expanding our solutions to advisers and investors.

Days such as this make all the hard work and the more challenging times of the past worth it.”

Tim Levene, Chief Executive Officer at Augmentum Fintech, commented:

“Since our IPO just over two years ago we have built a balanced portfolio of diversified and differentiated fintech companies. Our ambition remains to grow the fund to enable us to continue investing across our portfolio companies, and to seek out other exceptional fintech opportunities in both the UK and the wider European market”.

FTSE Russell has confirmed the announced index movements will be in effect from after the close of business on 19 June 2020.

Singer Capital Markets is currently acting as:

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