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Jamie Constable’s Monthly Macro Update – December 2021

Jamie Constable, Market Strategist at Singer Capital Markets, is pleased to deliver the latest installment of his Monthly Macro Update in partnership with Vox Markets.

Despite the market’s angst, there appears to be real value in equities for patient investors heading into 2022. But what to own?

Find out here from Jamie:

What’s the outlook for equities in 2022? 0:00
Where will the yield on the US 10 year Treasury be next year? 02:45
How will bonds perform? 04:25
What’s your view on the health of the consumer? 07.20

Stock Ideas for 2022:

Boohoo 08:20 & 13:55
Fulham Shore 09:40
How might the Omicron variant play out? 10:10
Volex 17:00
Equals & Northbridge Industrial 18:10
Curtis Banks 21:40
What indicators to watch over the next month? 24:20
Is Bitcoin a ‘store of value’, or a ‘casino chip’? 26:05

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