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Singer Capital Markets is pleased to announce our appointment as Broker to CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income plc with immediate effect.

About CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income plc

New City Investment Managers (“NCIM”) is an adviser to a range of funds including 3 resource funds and a high yield fund which are managed by a specialist investment team with a wealth of experience across the natural resources and high yield sectors. Their funds include: CQS Natural Resources Growth and Income plc, CQS New City High Yield Fund Limited, Golden Prospect Precious Materials Limited and Geiger Counter Limited.

NCIM’s belief is that it is key to deliver good returns for investors, building on the reputation of NCIM’s investment and client service skills.

Ticker: CYN
Market Cap: £46.55 million*
Website: Click here

*As at 18/05/2020

For more information on this news, please email us or call us on +44 (0)20 7496 3000.

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