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Singer Capital Markets are delighted to announce our corporate partnership with IntoUniversity – a growing educational charity working to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

What is IntoUniversity?

IntoUniversity is a growing educational charity with a strong track record of working with schools, universities and corporate partners to inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential,  offering academic support to students between 7-18 years old who intend to pursue a place at a university or another type of higher education.

The initiative was created to address the issue of children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are “nearly four times less likely to go to university than those in the most advantaged areas.” Over the last 15 years, the charity have helped over 100,000 children and young people access higher education, and intend to continue to do so by operating more centres and having more staff nationally.

Singer Capital Markets’s Involvement 

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) programme, community engagement is a key focus of our initiative, and we are passionate about investing in the community around us to help build opportunity for those less fortunate.

Our corporate partnership with IntoUniversity will give us the opportunity to work closely with local centres, students and support staff in providing much needed funding and volunteer work over the coming years. This will include fundraising events, work experience opportunities for students and mentoring programmes.

We look forward to working closely with IntoUniversity over the coming years, and are excited to see the difference this will have to the young people within our local community.


For more information about our partnership with IntoUniversity, please email us or call us on +44 (0)20 7496 3000.

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