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‘AI in Action’ Podcast Series

Series available to watch now

In our latest Singer Growth Economy themed series, ‘AI in Action’, we hear from a range of companies at the forefront of AI innovation who reveal valuable insights into their strategic use and deployment of AI, the opportunities they see AI offering their companies and much more!

Companies included in the series: Ten Lifestyle Group (‘TENG’), Eagle Eye (‘EYE’), Ebiquity (‘EBQ’), Bytes (‘BYIT’), BenevolentAI (‘BAI’), Kainos (‘KNOS’), Netcall (‘NET’), Microlise (‘SAAS’), Windward (‘WNWD’) and ActiveOps (‘AOM’).

In this episode, Ten’s Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Cheatle, provides an overview of Ten, the major trends that have shaped the Group’s strategy and success to date, how AI is influencing their capabilities, what benefits this could bring and how this compares to the rest of the market. This episode also features insights from Wei Kuan Lim, the Group’s Chief Transformation Officer.

In this episode, Bytes’ Chief Executive Officer, Neil Murphy, provides an overview of Bytes’ story and delves into topical conversations such as how AI could be a catalyst for IT spend in the future, the opportunities technological change offers Bytes, how Neil feels confident Bytes backed the right horse with Microsoft, as well as offering insights into how customers will adopt ‘Microsoft Azure’ and ‘Copilot’ going forward.

In this episode, Ebiquity’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Waters, provides an overview of Ebiquity’s story and the major trends that have shaped the Company’s strategy and success to date, how AI could be leveraged within the business to improve automation and margins, opportunities that generative AI specifically offer to the Company’s products/offerings as well as how Ebiquity is set up for future success.

In this episode, Eagle Eye’s Chief Executive Officer, Tim Mason, provides an overview of Eagle Eye and the major trends that have shaped Eagle Eye’s strategy and success to date, how AI could influence existing marketing technologies and what benefits this could bring, where customers and technology are on this journey and how the AIR platform and Untie Nots have added value to Eagle Eye’s value proposition.

In this episode, BenevolentAI’s Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Ivan Griffin, gives a brief overview of BenevolentAI and its history, he explores the various ways AI is being applied to transform drug discovery & development and where the company fits within this, how BenevolentAI uses AI and how the landscape is changing, including the future success this is likely to have on the company.

In this episode, Kainos’ Chief Executive Officer, Russell Sloan, and Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence, Ruth McGuinness, give a brief overview of Kainos, its business model and the key megatrends that have benefitted the Company’s growth, an insight into which sort of customers are engaging with AI, the advantages and risks of adopting generative AI technologies and future ambitions for their data and AI practice.

In this episode, Microlise’s Chief Executive Officer, Nadeem Raza, gives a brief overview of Microlise, offering insights into how the Company is currently harnessing AI and machine learning technologies to improve processes both internally and externally, how the Company is differentiating itself using data as well as a glimpse at the roadmap for Microlise’s future.

In this episode, Netcall’s Chief Innovation Officer, Richard Farrell, gives a brief overview of Netcall and the key trends that have benefitted the company’s growth to date, an insight into where customers are at in the journey of AI, the impact of generative AI on digital transformation and the opportunity Netcall has with this as well as a look into future ambitions for Netcall.

In this episode, Windward’s Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ami Daniel, gives a brief introduction to Windward; how the platform utilises AI for actionable intel of maritime domain awareness, supply chain & container tracking, and compliance risk management needs. Ami also expands on the highlights from Windward’s recent trading update and looks at possible growth opportunities in its market.

In this episode, ActiveOps’ (‘AOM’) Chief Executive Officer, Richard Jeffery, gives a brief introduction to ActiveOps; an insight into how the company sustains consistent growth; product development and what features they seek to introduce next and how this will drive demand as well as further discussions around the future outlook for ActiveOps.

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