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Public Cloud Partners in the UK

The Public Cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform are the highest evolution of the paradigm shift that is Cloud Computing. These platforms, owned and run by the “hyperscalers” (Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet) have, over the past 15 years, experienced amongst the fastest, most linear and most profitable growth of any area of technology and there is still a significant growth runway over the next decade and beyond. The value chain or ecosystem nevertheless extends well beyond the platforms themselves with partners providing an essential part of the platforms’ go-to-market model. As part of the Singer Growth Economy series of reports, we examine the substantial partner ecosystem that has arisen in the UK. While the major Public Cloud platform providers are US companies, there is a vibrant community of UK partners that is helping them reach for the clouds.

As part of The Singer Growth Economy initiative, our latest report on the Growth Driver ‘Cloud Computing’ under the theme of ‘Innovation & Emerging Technologies’ examines Cloud Computing at the centre of digital transformation, how and why Cloud Service is reselling partners to drive growth, the challenges of selecting a Cloud Computing service and the various private and public companies dominating this space.

What is The Singer Growth Economy?

In these uncertain times it has never been more important for us to nurture and support growth companies. Our economy must recoup the considerable costs of recent crises and our firm belief is that this can only be achieved by stimulating productivity in our great nation’s innovators, disrupters and challengers.

The Singer Growth Economy highlights opportunities across four overarching themes; Health & Wellbeing of the Population, Transition to a Sustainable Economy, Innovation & Emerging Technologies and Geopolitics & Demographics. Within these themes we have identified what we believe to be the most powerful growth drivers shaping the future of our economy, playing out not over months, or even years, but over decades.

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